Redcroft Partners is an experienced and trusted merchant banking firm providing world-class financial advisory and investment management services to clients across a diversity of industries. 

The firm is dedicated to deploying its significant global experience, intellectual capital and senior banker resources to deliver exceptional advisory and transaction execution services to a select group of publicly-traded and privately-held clients.  We also work closely with clients, management teams and investment partners to identify, structure and fund compelling investment opportunities in sectors and with companies where our experience, insight and relationships position us to generate consistently superior investment results.

Across the variety of engagements we undertake, our underlying, relationship-driven philosophy is straightforward and consistent:  We strive for excellence in everything that we do; we seek to build trust with our clients by always placing their interests first; we deliver experience that makes a difference for our clients; and we embrace a partnership approach in all of our activities.



Commit To Excellence

The foundation of our firm is an uncompromising commitment to excellence in every aspect of our business – including the caliber of our professionals, the quality of services we offer our clients, and the overall manner in which we conduct our business.  Each assignment we undertake is uniquely important, and we pride ourselves on delivering consistently superior results on every occasion.

Build Trust

At Redcroft, building trust with clients is paramount to what we do.  This is why we carefully align our interests with those of our clients, and pursue an uncompromising commitment to excellence – so that when the stakes are highest, clients will turn to us for our perspective, advice and decision-making.  As a relationship-driven firm, we guard this bond of trust diligently, and understand that each new assignment represents a unique opportunity, and challenge, to further strengthen our relationship and reputation with clients. When a client tells us that we’ve earned their trust, we know that we’ve succeeded.

Deliver Experience That Makes A Difference

Our Firm is designed to deliver dedicated, experienced professionals throughout each phase of each engagement.  Our partners average over 20 years of experience in the merchant banking field, and their active involvement from beginning to end of each assignment ensures that we deliver the seasoned judgment, perspective and transaction execution that enables consistently superior results.  Our deep, global experience differentiates us, providing a competitive advantage that we can deploy for the benefit of our clients.

Embrace Partnership

We embrace the principle of partnership – both internally and with our clients.  While we value individual creativity and drive, we believe that we perform best when we marshal our talents and efforts in a collegial, teamwork-oriented manner.  Also, because we subscribe to the belief that our success follows from that of our clients, we work hard to tie our financial rewards to outcomes valued by our clients, and to align our interests by committing our own capital alongside that of our investment partners.



The following principles guide us in all of our activities:

  • We do first class business in a first class way, with an uncompromising commitment to excellence in all that we do
  • The interests of our clients always come first – when they succeed, we do as well
  • Gaining the trust of our clients is fundamental to our success and is a direct result of delivering consistently superior results over the long-term
  • Our most valuable assets are our people, our capital and our reputation – the latter of which is easiest to diminish and hardest to replenish
  • We require honesty and integrity at all times, and value teamwork and our partnership culture above individual acclaim
  • We are committed to building a multi-faceted and diverse team, in the simple belief that this makes us a stronger, more successful firm
  • We value the independence and entrepreneurial flexibility that our private partnership structure provides